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Saturday, August 26, 2006


I am extremely grateful to my supervisor, Professor Shinji Sato, who offered the most valuable guidance and continuous encouragement throughout the whole study. The constructive suggestions and helps from Professor Masahiko Isobe, Yoshimitsu Tajima and Yoshinobu Tsuji are also highly appreciated. I am indebted to my co-supervisor, Associate Professor Matsumoto, for providing me comments and suggestions in my research work.

I would like to express my appreciation to former Associate Researcher Takahide Honda for the helpful assistance and fruitful discussions on this study. Special thanks also to Mr. Takenori Shimozono for lots of help in MATLAB programming language. Thanks also to Associate Professor Guangwei Huang and Yukio Koibuchi.

Thanks and appreciation are also extended to laboratory’s secretaries, Miss. Hiroko Yamakami and Miss. Yoko Kodama as well as all members of Coastal Engineering Laboratory, for providing endless help and sharing a delightful and memorable life. Thanks to Mr. Junya Suzuki, my life tutors, for providing great assistances during my stay in Tokyo.

Appreciations to Foreign Student Officers: Ms. Nakamura and Ms. Hayashi for providing valuable information that facilitates my life in Japan. Thanks also to staffs of Faculty of Engineering (Reppin-kan) and Japanese Language Class teachers of the Department of Civil Engineering, who offered me the basic Japanese skills.

Finally, I wish to extend my sincere and special thanks to my parents and my girlfriend for their constant encouragement. With their spiritual support I overcame the difficulties both from study and life.

This study was supported by the Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program, which made my study in Japan possible.


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